Memorial Day 2018: Honoring Those Who Sacrificed for Freedom

With Memorial Day weekend looming, we hope you will take a moment to join with us in honoring those for which the day stands. While some may look at this important holiday as the traditional start of the summer season, it’s true purpose is to provide an official day when Americans can recognize and remember those who gave everything to protect the freedoms we enjoy each day.

A Rich and Vibrant History

The practice of honoring those who fall during battle is actually a centuries old tradition in many cultures. The ancient Romans and Greeks routinely observed days of remembrance for their soldiers, both living and dead. In fact, public festivals, feasts, and ceremonies to adorn the graves were known to exist as far back as 431 B.C. for those lost in the Peloponnesian War. 

In the United States, Memorial Day’s beginnings are just as rich and vibrant as those from ancient Greece and Rome. One such event occurred towards the end of the Civil War in our sister state, South Carolina. Thousands of Union soldiers were being held as prisoners of war, encamped in Charleston, near the Citadel areas. Conditions were very dire and more than 250 of them died and were buried in a mass grave.  

On May 1, 1865, just three weeks after the war’s end, more than a thousand recently freed slaves joined regiments of the U.S. Colored Troops, and local residents to consecrate and decorate a proper, burial site for those who had been buried in the mass grave. Their actions that day, complete with speeches, prayers, and floral decorations, are just one of several similar events that gave birth to Decoration Day, which evolved into the Memorial Day we continue to celebrate today. 

A Day of Remembrance and New Hope

Taking part in the rich tradition of Memorial Day by attending remembrance events, placing flags on the graves of our fallen soldiers, and displaying flags on our homes and businesses are remain excellent ways to pause, honor, and remember those who gave their all. But Memorial Day can also be about new hope for those who return from service to our country with physical or emotional scars that will may never go away. 

The Wounded Warrior Project began in 2003 as a way to provide support for those who received physical or mental injuries or illness due to military service on or after September 11, 2001. In the years since it was formed, the Wounded Warriors Project has served tens of thousands of ill or injured military service members and helped them to rebuild their health and their lives. May we suggest that we all take time to start a new family tradition for each Memorial Day by donating generously to this cause? 

A Way to Honor Our Local Vets on Memorial Day and Beyond

North Carolina’s Accessible Outdoors Program provides an excellent way to honor our local vets long after Memorial Day is over. With improved access to favorable fishing and hunting areas and allowances for the use of special equipment, it was designed to help mobility impaired residents and guests enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of hunting, fishing, and spending time enjoying North Carolina’s woods and waters. 

As part of the process of making it easier for our disabled vets and citizens to enjoy the outdoors, specially designed ‘Track Chairs” and adaptive fishing tackle and gear are available through a checkout program. 

Memorial Day is the perfect time to get involved locally with our veterans, especially those who are dealing with lasting health or physical limitations from their service. Consider taking a vet fishing in one of the areas designated by the Accessible Outdoors Program or spending an afternoon with them fishing from crappie and catfish in the pond on your farm. Even these simple acts can help improve the outlook and quality of life for those who have sacrificed so much for us. 

From Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina to You

Gardner, Frank and the entire staff of Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina would like to encourage everyone to take time this Memorial Day to remember and honor the veterans from our past, as well as those still living. 

Have a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day 2018! 

Gardner (919) 749-3177

Frank  (919) 696-4249



North Carolina Pond Management Tips for Bigger Fish and More Fishing Fun

North Carolina Pond Management Tips for Bigger Fish and More Fishing Fun

NC Pond Management

Look for great tips on NC Pond Management and email us for our preferred vendor list!

Planning an afternoon of fishing in any one of the thousands of NC ponds is a favorite summer activity for both residents and visitors to the state. And even though the outing is enjoyable enough on its own, the most memorable part will always be landing a big fish. But big fish are rarely found in ponds that are not properly managed. Farm, ranch, and rural North Carolina landowners who want to encourage better fish growth and development in their ponds can use this information to provide nutritional support for their pond and help them grow bigger fish.

Fertilization Feeds the Bottom of the Pond Food Chain

North Carolina farmers and ranchers already know that applying high-quality fertilizer to their pastures, hayfields, and crop acreage is the best way to enjoy consistently high yields. But you may not know about fertilizing ponds for maximum fish growth is also an excellent goal for rural landowners. 

Fertilizer stimulates the growth of algae and phytoplankton in the water. Going right on up the food chain, these micro-organisms then become food for the next level of consumers, which in ponds are the zooplankton and insects. These tasty morsels are then consumed by small fish, such as bream, which are then eaten by the larger fish that we all love to catch, like bass, crappie, and catfish. When the lowest members of the pond food chain are supported nutritionally, they will increase in both size and number, creating explosive growth throughout the entire ecosystem of each pond. 

Algae Growth Has Benefits for NC Ponds Used for Fishing

In addition to helping bolster the food supply for the pond’s fish, algae growth in a fishing pond has another very real benefit. This benefit is its ability to turn the water from clear to a more greenish hue, which helps to shade the bottom of the pond. This shading effect serves to help prevent unwanted growth of some types of invasive pond weeds and moss that would otherwise form a tangle of roots on the bottom of the pond. Less translucent water also helps to provide cover for fish to hide from predators and helps to reduce the water temperature of the pond, which is important for keeping oxygen levels within a healthy range. 

What Fertilizers to Apply and When to Apply Them 

Phosphorus, in conjunction with nitrogen, is a beneficial fertilizer combo when improved fish production is a goal. Commonly available fertilizers labeled as “complete” will contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, and are good choices for pond use. When you go to your fertilizer dealer, ask for “triple 13” (13-13-13), 20-20-5, or 4-12-12, to get a dry form of fertilizer that will be a good one for pond usage.

Liquid fertilizers can also be used, and may provide more instantly available food to jumpstart algae and plankton growth. If opting to use liquid fertilizers, be sure to look for one that offers three to four pounds of phosphorus, available as P205 per application. 

Whether using dry or liquid fertilizer in NC ponds, it will require an ongoing schedule of application. Ideally, in our state, the fertilization schedule should begin as soon as the water temperature reaches the 60-degree mark, usually by sometime in March. After the initial application, apply twice more at two-week intervals, and then follow that with three more applications at three-week intervals.

Once that schedule is completed, continue to apply a maintenance application every month or whenever the water becomes clear enough to see a white object suspended 18 inches below the water surface. Fertilization application should stop when the water begins to chill before winter, typically in October. A chart of fertilization rates and types suitable for NC fish ponds is available here

Some Ponds May Already Have Sufficient Nutrients

When considering fertilization of fishing ponds, remember that not all ponds will need to be supplemented. Ponds that are rarely fished and those that get a lot of run off from fertilized livestock pastures may already contain good levels of nutrients to support algae and plankton growth and the big fish that feed on them. 

If you or someone you know is in the market for some North Carolina land or a farm, ranch, or rural residential home with a pond of your own, we have several to choose from and more being listed every week. Mortgage rates are beginning to trend up a little again, so now is a really smart time to make a move. 

Our listings are always available for online perusing or you can call Gardner at (919) 749-3177 or Frank at (919) 696-4249 for more details about any listing or buying and selling questions and advice.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and until then – Happy Fishing! 



Algae, Phytoplankton and Chlorophyll

Chapter 3



Duck Lease NC

Duck Lease NC Duck Hunting Leases

Finding the right duck lease in NC can be challenging. Although there are many great places to hunt, finding your secluded property that is not over hunted is a luxury. Many of the duck hunting leases in NC are hard to come by just because the good places don’t come open very often and the hunter turnover is slower than some deer leases.

If you are looking for a duck impoundment lease in NC, here is one below that might be of interest. This NC property lease includes a duck blind or two, planted corn, and two large bodies of water that have been full of ducks and is located in Eastern NC right outside of Windsor. This duck property is also for sale.

If interested in leasing this property call Sam Williams at 919-368-9770. Many options are available for the buyer including cabin construction and full management for the impoundments.

This Duck Impoundment is for LEASE OR SALE in Bertie County North Carolina. THIS DUCK HUNTERS DREAM property is loaded with ducks and approximately 55 acres with approx 50 acres of impoundments! The impoundments are split into three separate impoundments. Each can be drained separately! Only miles from the Roanoke River, this property has road frontage on 832 NC Highway 45 S in Windsor and close to Hwy 17 and Merry Hill. $300,000 with many options available for the buyer including cabin construction and full management for the impoundments.

This area is renowned for the duck populations and close to many bodies of water including the Chowan River, Cashie River, Middle River, Roanoke River, and Albemarle Sound. Canvas Backs, Ring-necks, Geese, Gadwall, Hooded Merganzers and others are on the property now!! Property is approximately 12 miles from Williamston and 14 miles from Edenton.

There is a Wildlife management plan in place with future cabin site that sits under beautiful oak trees. Ponds are also loaded with fish and one could be used as a private fishing retreat and managed to create world class fishing for any species.

Photo Gallery Touch on the first image to click through the pictures at your leisure. Scroll through to see more at the bottom of page.







Duck Lease NC Duck Hunting Leases

S&H Farm for Sale in Granville County NC

Private and well maintained farm on 41+/- acres! Four bedroom main house, 5850 sq. ft. barn and much more! $965,000!!!

Nestled on 40+ acres bordered by the Tar River with hardwood timber at the back and open fields anchoring the front of the property, the majority of S&H Farm is open, rolling pastures. The 4,237 ft2 house has a 1,529 ft2 garage, screened porch, deck and front porch, and a 1,571 ft2 basement, yielding more than 7,300 ft2 of comfortable and inviting living space next to a spring-fed pond. The main barn is a 5,850 ft2 commercial-grade metal building with a 150 ft2 deck and a 120 ft2 covered seed house.   Also on property is a 2000 ft2 metal pole barn. The organic farming area includes 4,320 ft2 of covered greenhouses and 4,760 ft2 of open growing pads in a deer fenced enclosure. When the sellers moved here, this was the first farm they looked at in their search. 42 farms later, they were still comparing those other farms to this one. Sit on the front porch for a few minutes and you may come to the same conclusion they did: simply the best.

House, Main Floor: 2,923 ft2 plus decks and porches

The house main floor includes 2,923 ft2 finished space with an additional 1,529 ft2 of inviting porches and decks. 1,120 ft2 master suite PLUS a private deck! Features and upgrades include Austrian cypress and tile floors, walk-in door-less shower, granite tops and accents, three closets and laundry room. Red Oak hardwood flooring selected directly from the farm is used for the dining, great room, foyer, steps to second floor, cat walk, office & custom chef’s kitchen. The over-sized pantry has lots of storage for the resident chef(s), and there is a second refrigerator next to the second office. Additionally there is an attached two-car, over-sized garage and 54 ft2 farm porch overlooking the pond – a Norman Rockwell setting for sure.

House, Second floor: 1,314 ft2

Master w/ private bath, bedroom with private door to the second bath, third bedroom, and two 8 X 10 storage closets.

Basement: 1,571 ft2

 Two geothermal HVAC units, well blue tank, back-up generator breaker box, lots of clean & dry storage.

Barn: 5,850 ft2

Wyldelands Construction designed and built the barn. They have built many of the churches & commercial metal buildings in the area. This is not your standard metal farm building, by a long shot! The pad was compacted and tested. 14-foot eves and interlocking roof. “His side” has drive-thru garage doors, indoor car wash drain, 14-foot RV door, 10k vehicle lift, geo-thermal heat and cooling, door to shared bath, on polished 6″ fiberglass-reinforced concrete slab. “Her side” has three-tube stainless steel sink, walk-in cooler, front and rear doors, two windows, 10-foot overhead garage door leading into seed green house. Geothermal heat and cooling. Kitchen & gathering room, handicap accessible bath, two office areas with closets, separate HVAC unit, tile flooring totaling 850 ft2 office with 25’ x 6’ deck. Currently this space is used as an apartment.

High tunnels or “greenhouses”: 4,320 ft2, covered

  • 48’ x 30’ Four-season tunnel, half for plant growth, half for prep (in front of barn)
  • 96’ x 30’ Atlas (behind barn, within deer-fenced area)

Both have roll up side curtains and end doors, 110 power, water, organic soil, and designed for drainage and sun orientation

Two 96’ x 30’ growing pads, 110 power, water, organic soil designed for drainage and sun orientation

Backyard Shed/Workshop: 160 ft2

10×16 concrete floor, red oak studs, overhead garage door, two storm doors

Equipment storage metal pole barn:  2,000 ft2

40’ x 50′ leveled pad with drainage relief, gravel floor

(Three of the four tunnels in the VIDEO are sold and being removed).

This is a family compound, a family business or both, and a very unique as well as exciting property.! For those looking for a winery or horse operation… this farm has a very strong platform that would require minor adjustments for either.  Access the floor plans here!


Watch the Video below!

1012 Staley Snow Camp Road 107 Acres in Chatham County


Chatham County NC Farm for Sale with Open Land and Pasture.

Chatham County NC Farm for Sale with Open Land and Pasture.

BEAUTIFUL OPEN FARM LAND IN SILER CITY! Plenty of Road Frontage! Build your Dream Home(s) and Live the Rural Life You’ve been Waiting For! Great

for a Family Looking for Several Home Sites. Cleared pasture for animals or crops, Ample Wooded Areas for Privacy or Hunting! Some flooded timber area good for
Ducks! Tranquil rolling views. Bring your horses! Wildlife abounds here with Deer & Turkey. Approx 16 acres +/- North Side is in Alamance County.

Photo Gallery Touch on the first image to click through the pictures at your leisure. Scroll through to see more at the bottom of page.

Granville County Farm for Sale with Timber and Pond

46.65 Acres on Highway 158 & Cornwall Road

Granville County Farm for Sale with Timber and Pond on Hwy 158 & Cornwall Road

Granville County Farm for Sale with Timber and Pond on Hwy 158 & Cornwall Road

This is a perfect family farm for a new home or weekend retreat close to Oxford and shopping with access to major roads! This property has ample road frontage and a nice blend of open fields, timber, and a fishing pond! Great future timber investment or cut now! Plant your own crops or turn the open fields into fenced pasture for horses or cows and build your dream home. $250,000

Call Frank 919-696-4249 or Gardner 919-749-3177 for a showing today.

Photo Gallery Touch on the first image to click through the pictures at your leisure. Scroll through to see more at the bottom of page.

Food Plots in NC are fun to make!

May is the Right Time to Think About Adding Food Plots to Your Farm

Summer is coming and even though nature is outdoing herself with lush grass and the promise of a good mast crop, its still a perfect time to consider planting some food plots on your farm or ranch.

Depending on the types of plants you choose, food plots provide nutritional boosts than can result in increased antler growth, more nutrient-rich milk to help fawns grow faster, and a good source of stockpiled forage for white tail deer and wild turkeys to feed on during bad weather this winter.

Food Plots in NC are fun to make!Food plots require little maintenance after planting

The best food plots are always going to be those that will do well with little attention, once the planting is done. This means selecting crops that will be naturally hardy, even when rainfall is less than optimal, while still providing optimal nutrition and appeal to help boost wildlife health and attract it to your land.

Spring and summer food plots play an important role

While fall crops will always be critical for wildlife survival, spring and early summer plantings will also help provide a consistent food source that our deer herds need. In addition, food plots can help to keep deer from becoming pests and damaging gardens and landscaping near homes, as well as helping prevent over-browsing of natural vegetation.

Plant when spring and summer temperatures are optimal for germination

For the best germination rates and plant health, seeding for early spring plantings should be timed for when soil temps are between 55 and 65 degrees. Summer seeding for food plots works best at temperatures a little warmer, usually near the 70 degree mark. Just like garden plants, it is always important to wait until after the last spring frost to sow the seeds, although it is fine to till, fertilize, and perform other food plot preparations much earlier in the spring.

What to plant in your summertime food plot

Deer require a considerable amount of protein to grow antlers and thrive in the wild, but they also need high-energy foods to help them lay on some fat for winter and to fuel their highly physical lives. A good mixture of seeds to consider for planting includes both legumes for protein and corn for energy.

The legumes should include some mixture of soybeans, peas, and peanuts, all of which grow well in the Carolinas. When planted along with corn, this variety forages will offer differing maturity dates to help keep white tails interested and coming back to feed throughout the summer and right up to fall deer season.

One of the best things about food plots is that you can make them as large or small as you like. Tucking a few into hidden areas, along with some larger areas will help to provide a variety of places for deer to feed, as well as creating some excellent places for a deer blind or stand, come season.

Food plots are a natural addition to the perfect North Carolina farm or ranch. Email us for preferred vendors that we use for food plots! Food Plots in NC are fun to make!

Planting food plots on your North Carolina ranch or farm property is the perfect way to help protect and nurture our state’s wildlife population, while continuing to enjoy exciting hunts, season after season. If you, or someone you know, hasn’t yet found your own piece of rural paradise, we may already have just what you are hoping to find.

We invite you to take a look at our current listings, many of which are a hunting or fishing enthusiast’s dream, and then call us at Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina.

If you see something you like and want to take a look, or have a specific question about rural real estate in general, call us and let us know – Gardner can be reached at (919) 749-3177 and Frank at (919) 696-4249. As always, we would be honored to help you enjoy a great buying or selling experience.

P.S. Just a heads up: Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 13th, 2018. You still have a little time to remember that special someone in your life, so don’t forget!



May is Here – Get Ready for Family Fishing Fun at Falls Lake!

With all the fun and excitement of spring turkey season now drawing to a close, you may be thinking about spending some time with the family and a fishing pole or two. May is the perfect month for fishing here in our part of North Carolina. The weather is perfectly warm and breezy without all the humidity and insects of mid-summer. And May is also one of the most beautiful months to be outdoors here. The trees and pastures are still adorned with their luminescent spring green colors and accented by masses of blooms on dogwood trees, Eastern redbuds, and a variety of other flowering bushes and trees.

Falls Lake Fishing

Falls Lake Fishing

A Perfect Month for Fishing

If you are lucky enough to have your own well-stocked farm pond, spending an afternoon fishing may be as easy as grabbing the gear and walking to the pond and May is the perfect time for this type of casual outing. But good fishing spots are still available, even if you are still living in town, visiting from another state, or just haven’t yet found your own piece of the North Carolina countryside and Falls Lake is always a good choice.

Falls Lake State Recreation Area

An undeveloped shoreline offers lots of natural wilderness appeal to this 12,000-acre reservoir, situated at 13304 Creedmoor Road, in the Wake Forest, NC. area. And if the fish are not biting and the kids get restless, they can burn off some energy on the winding Mountains-to-Sea State Trail running through the area.

Falls Lake Recreation Area is also offering several activities in May, all perfectly geared for family fun and recreation. The list of upcoming events for this month include:

  • Saturday, May 5, at 1:00pm – A Build Your Own Fishing Pole Class that includes building a fishing rod, as well as some catch-and-release practice to help kids hone their skills.
  • Saturday, May 12, at 2:00pm – A class to help your entire family identify any commonly found plants and animals that you might come into contact with when enjoying the outdoors here in North Carolina. This class is especially helpful because it will be taught while hiking through the woods of the recreation area, making it a truly hands-on event that will be sure to be remembered.
  • Saturday, May 19, at 8:30am – This is the date for very popular 5th Annual Youth Fishing Tournament and this years event promises to be bigger and better than ever. Geared for ages 5-13, this free event is an excellent way to introduce younger kids to fishing or help older kids become better anglers. All fishing gear and bait is provided and there will be lots of educational booths and prizes, too. Due to the level of participation expected, make sure to pre-register as soon as possible.

More information about Falls Lake Recreation Area, or the activities above are available by contacting the park office at (919) 676-1027.

Private ponds are Good North Carolina Fishing Spots, Too!

A day spent fishing at Falls Lake Recreation Area is always a treat, but it just might pale in comparison to spending a quiet hour watching the sun go down from your very own pond bank or fishing dock. When you are ready to look for your own piece of fishing heaven, Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina is ready to help.

With scores of excellent properties currently available and more coming on market every week, we may already have the perfect property for you, complete with its very own private pond, lake, or river access. Take a look at our available listings and then call Gardner at (919) 749-3177 or Frank at (919) 696-4249 to the details and schedule a private viewing. We promise you won’t regret it!

Things to Do in Granville County NC

  • Looking for Things to Do in Granville County NC? Granville County is a rural county that celebrates its ruralness. They embrace their farming community with Granville County Equestrian and Agri-Tourism, which features the diverse agri-businesses and horse farms in the area.
  • The county boasts two farmers markets – one in Creedmoor and one in Oxford. Each one offers fresh produce, local crafts, and products. The vendors are located within a 25-mile radius of the markets.
  • Family activities like First Fridays Movie night at Lake Rogers Park, The Creedmoor Music Festival, community Easter egg hunt, Fourth of July picnic and fireworks, Fireman’s Day with a parade and Boot Drive to raise funds for the local fire department are just a few of the old -fashioned events folks can enjoy in Granville County. Contact for more information.
  • Lake Rogers Park – The public park offers picnicking, a boat launch and fishing, a concession stand and boat rentals. Day or full season passes are available at City Hall or the concession stand during operating hours. The concession stand is open April through October on weekends and holidays.
  • The Gauntlet Fitness & Walking Trail – located at 2186 Brassfield Road in Creedmoor. The trail is a little over one mile and outfitted with a variety of fitness stations designed to challenge hikers.
  • Harris Park – picnic shelter on 415 Watson Street in the Pecan Hill community is open to the public. It has picnic tables has a playground.
  • Granville County Cooperative Extension offers a variety of workshops, 4-H clubs, advice on various farming, gardening, food prep, and more. They sponsor eight 4-H clubs in the county including a horse club. They sponsor many events and activities throughout the year including the Summer Fun program for youth and 4-H Youth Activity Day. Contact the office for dates and more events.

Wake County Rural Living

Wake County & Wake County Rural Living

Wake County & Wake County Rural Living

Wake County & Wake County Rural Living

While many first think of Raleigh and its urban landscape, Wake County has its rural side too. Nineteen percent of the county is rural. It has within its boundaries three state parks and seven county parks, offering miles of hiking and equestrian trails, boating, swimming, sheltered picnicking, and fishing.

Of its twelve cities and towns you’ll be able to take your pick from large cities to charming small towns. Wake County offers much for the horse enthusiast: a top of the line horse show facility: Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, trails open to the public, equine vets, farriers, farm stores, hay producers, and tack shops.

Next to the horse complex, The NC State Fairgrounds hosts a variety of events all year round in addition to the annual State Fair which is in October. The Raleigh Flea Market, located on the fairgrounds, is open rain or shine every weekend except during the State Fair in Oct. The flea market offers everything from antiques to hotdogs with inside and outside vendors.

The State Farmers Market covers 30,000 square feet at its location on 1208 Farmers Market Drive, Raleigh, NC. In addition to fresh produce, plants, and other specialty items produced on local farms. The market also has shops selling old-fashioned candies, N.C. gifts, soaps, and lotions. There are two Restaurants including a Seafood Restaurant offering fresh NC seafood. The Farmers Market website has all information and forms needed to be a vendor as well has what they have to offer for both wholesale and retail buyers.

When you buy a farm or ranch in Wake County you truly benefit from both the urban convenience and the country life of Wake County living.