Historic Homes in Oxford NC

Historic Homes in Oxford NC– The Oak Lawn Plantation- RE: Certificate of Entry in the National Register of Historic Places for Oak Lawn, April 28, 1988.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thornton:

Oak Lawn Plantation

Historic Homes for Sale in Oxford North Carolina

Please accept the enclosed certificate which states that the above-referenced property has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places. You are most fortunate to own and preserve a property that justly deserves this honor.

The National Register has been called “a roll call of the tangible reminders of the history of the United States.” It is, therefore, a pleasure for the Division of Archives and History to participate in this program and thereby make our nation aware of North Carolina’s rich cultural heritage.

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Located in Granville County North Carolina and just minutes from the quaint town of Oxford, step back in time and enjoy this remarkable North Carolina Plantation property.

Likely Built in the late 18th and early 19th century, the Oak Lawn Plantation is one of Granville County’s few former plantations that offer’s the largest and earliest surviving collection of structures in the county. This stunning plantation setting is located adjacent to Oxford Park, and offers the peace and tranquility you are looking for and resides on the National Register of Historic Places.

The grounds are magnificent, as towering oaks line the drive coming in.

Situated on over 14 acres, the grounds are well maintained and would be an ideal wedding facility site. (SMILE) The most widely used adjective to describe the Oak Lawn Plantation by visitors remains to be breathtaking!

Outdoor gardens frame the back of the home and there are multiple outbuildings including the smokehouse, barn, pack-house, former dwelling, former kitchen and others!

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