Fight Continues Over Alamance/Guilford County Boundary Line

After a change to the membership of the Alamance County Board of Commissioners this

past December, the dispute continues over the boundary line between Alamance and

Guilford counties. The board has recently begun reaching out to the Guilford County Board

of Commissioners in order to determine if there is interest in changing the boundary line. The

board is proposing to use the same methods that were used in order to determine the boundary

line between Alamance and Orange counties.

According to an article published on Thursday, March 5, 2015 via the Times-News, in May

of 2014, the Guildford commissioners decided to stop working with Alamance County on the

boundary line issues using this method. Instead the boundary was determined by using a

geodetic line which had been surveyed back in 2007. A meeting earlier this year between

Chairman Dan Ingle of Alamance County and Chairman Hank Henning of Guilford County

ultimately resulted in an agreement to postpone the discussion of the issue.

Since then both parties have heard of the plan to utilize the geodetic line surveyed in 2007 in

order to resolve the boundary line issue. However, Alamance County Manager Craig Honeycutt

and Ingle have stated that they are awaiting the receipt of a formal letter from Guilford County

commissions in regards to this issue. The Alamance commissioners will then be able to move

forward on the issue once the letter has been received.

Currently, Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson says that Guildford Commissioners are

still waiting for a confirmation that a formal letter has been sent to the Alamance commissioners.

He says is not sure why the letter has yet to be sent or an estimate on when it might be sent.

The boundary issue continues to remain unresolved as of today’s date because approval from

both counties has not been granted and the measure also requires approval from the state of

North Carolina.