Top 5 Upcoming North Carolina Shows to Warm Up Your Winter

We in North Carolina for our wild-n-sometimes-woolly winters.  We like to say, “if you wear flip flops and snow boots in the same week, you probably live in NC.”  With that said, it doesn’t look like too bad of a season so far, even with our ice and snow event of Jan 2016.  Let’s look at the top 5 industry/trade/just plain fun shows North Carolina will host over the next several weeks.

Jan 29 – 30 – Southeast Outdoors Expo, Embassy Suites -Cary.  Unbeatable connections with big-game wildlife experts.  Admission is $10 and you can purchase additional passes for better chances at amazing door prizes.

Feb 3- 5  – Southern Farm Show, at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  With more than 400 exhibitors, this is the largest agricultural expo in the Mid-Atlantic. Free admission and free parking, they point out.  Pretty social group also, and not video camera shy, either.

Feb 19 – 21 – February heats up with lots of events, but this two-fer seemed a great deal for your zero parking fee investment:  At one end of the Fairgrounds (Graham Building, Exposition Center, Dorton Arena, and Grounds) will be the North Carolina Dealers Association Spring RV Sale, and for all you travel enthusiasts (I know you’re out there) this is RV Mecca.  Admission runs from $10 to $5 for over-55 and kids 13 and older, military and family night Friday, while kids under 12 are free.  At the the other end of the Fairgrounds – the Hunt Horse Complex – there will be a mounted shooters exhibition by Double L Bar Cowboy Mounted Shooters.  If you’ve never seen the skill necessary to shoot a balloon out of the air with a bullet blank while mounted on galloping steed, you need to go to this.  I saw on a PBS show once that this is close to how Atilla the Hun trained his horseback savages; this free to spectators event is a bit more civilized!

Feb 20 – 21 – Dixie Gun & Knife show, Lumberton at the Southern Ag Center.  Since I missed the Jan 15-16 Raleigh show, the next best thing is the nearest next best thing, right?  This show is exactly what the title says, and it sets up in Raleigh (missed it), Lumberton (closer to Fayetteville), and Charlotte. Admission is $8.

March 4 – 6 – Dixie Deer Classic 2016 this year is March 4 – 6, 2016 at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. General admission for adults is $12, Friday only is $6, kids under 12 are free.  (Can’t make it this year? They’ve already booked the dates March 3 – 5, 2017 for this event next year.  Efficient group of folks, the DDC.)

This is just an inkling of the shows that occur all year.  If your schedule allows it, take some time to scout out these fun things for the family to do here in North Carolina this winter.  You’ll be glad you did!