Northhampton County Deer Hunting

Selecting the best lodge for your next hunting adventure can be difficult. However, Northampton County offers many options for whitetail deer hunting along with comfortable accommodations. The peak of the hunting season in this area is October and November. I-85 and US 158 are the major routes that will allow you to access to the lodges in this area, which runs along the banks of the Roanoke River. Here is a brief overview of the deer hunting lodges and plantations in Northampton County.

Thornbury Plantation Hunting Lodge

Thornbury Plantation Hunting Lodge includes 3,200 acres of privately-owned land and is located in Occoneechee Neck. The original plot of land was part of a land grant from King George III of England. Thornbury is currently owned by Steve and Bo Burgwyn and the plantation originally opened for hunting in 1997. In addition to whitetail deer and turkey hunting, the lodge also features comfortable accommodations and expert wildlife and ecological management.

Occoneechee Lodge

Occoneechee Lodge is located in Jackson, North Carolina is the oldest lodge in Northampton County. Since 1989, the lodge has provided guided hunts. The hunting land consists of 8,000 acres of family-owned land in Northampton County. Occoneechee Lodge offers 3 full day or 6 full days of hunting. Accommodations are available with a three bedroom farmhouse and double-wide three bedroom mobile home. There are full kitchen facilities on site, as well as, nearby motels, hotels and restaurants.

Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge

Lily Pond Creek offers 7,000 acres of land for bow hunting, muzzleloader hunting, and rifle hunting for whitetail deer. Hunters also have the option of hunting black bears, turkeys and fish near the Roanoke River. Lily Pond Creek offers platform, tripod and box stands. In addition, there is also a variety of terrain including clear cuts, open fields, food plots, swamp bottoms and oak ridges.

Verona Creek Plantation

While Verona Creek Plantation has been acquired by Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge, it is still well known for its whitetail deer hunting. However, Verona Creek features trophy hunting and there are size restrictions on the bucks.

Directions, maps and other important hunting information are available directly on the lodge websites. If you plan to visit Northampton County for deer hunting season check with the North Carolina Wildlife Commission for rules and regulations here.