Alyson Pond Subdivision

Alyson Pond Offers Waterside Living!

Alyson Pond earned the distinctive honor of being called the “Best Neighborhood for Families” and it is not hard to see why. This tranquil Raleigh subdivision boasts a large pond and plenty of space for families to enjoy it.

The residents of Alyson Pond are proud of their community and it shows. As a commitment to the upkeep of the community, Alyson Pond even hosts special events such as the “Yard of the Month” contest which is designed to reward residents for the upkeep of their yards.

Alyson Pond Has Quick Access to Unique Amenities

Residents of Alyson Pond can enjoy a swim at the community pool which remains open through the spring and summer from May until September. There is a pond which residents receive access so that the can enjoy the picturesque views. Many of the homes in Alyson Pond also are on the edge of the pond.

Shopping is convenient for residents of this area with two major shopping centers in the area: Six Forks Station Shopping Center and Falls Pointe Shopping Center. These shopping centers cater to residents by offering shopping, groceries, dining and more in one location with modern shops and staples, such as Harris Teeter.

Come Explore Alyson Pond With a Personalized Tour!

If you are planning a visit to Alyson Pond, let Gardner introduce you to the neighborhood with a personalized tour! Contact me today to schedule an appointment and then I can show you all of the things that make Alyson Pond a great place to call home! Call 919-749-3177.

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