Professional Photography to Sell Your Farm or Ranch

In the Market to Sell Your Farm or Ranch? Why Professional Photography May be Your Best Move

© by Legacy Farms and Ranches. In much the same way that professional portraits have the ability to highlight your best features, professional photography applied to your real estate listing can make your farm or ranch irresistible to prospective buyers.

In most cases, you have only three to five seconds to capture a prospective buyer’s attention before she clicks off your listing and on to one of thousands of others.  With more than 48,000 farms in NC and more than half of the owners in their fifties, competition from owners looking to sell is steep.

With this in mind, it is critical that your listing screams, “Look at me”.  The best way to accomplish this is through professional photographs of your ranch or farm listing.

Prospective buyers make split second decisions about whether a farm or ranch is right for them based on both what they see and what they don’t see.  So, be sure to capture key selling points of your farm or ranch.

For homes, clear, detailed photographs of areas such as the kitchen and the master suite are critical.  If there are upgrades such as granite counter-tops or custom woodwork, these should be captured as well.

And, don’t forget exterior features such as wrap around porches, landscaping, and ponds.

A good photographer will not only know how to capture your farm or ranch’s best features, he will also know how to properly stage the photographs with details that draw the prospective buyer in, such as fresh flowers on a table or a duck floating on a pond.

Professional photography, done correctly, will tell a story that grabs the prospective buyer’s attention and allows him to imagine himself as the owner enjoying the benefits of your farm or ranch.

So, how much is too much when it comes to the number of photographs of your property?  While you don’t want to overwhelm the prospective buyer with too many photos of your farm or ranch, having enough to effectively represent each room of the home or each key feature of the land will help you weed out prospective buyers who will not be interested in the property, before they visit it.

For example, if a gourmet kitchen is a necessity for your prospective buyer, or marshland on the property is a deal breaker, adequate photography of these features will help them to make a decision before wasting your time with an onsite visit.

Plus, including high quality, professional photographs with your farm or ranch listing has been shown to speed up a prospective buyer’s decision making process.  One recent study revealed that prospective buyers perceived that homes with professional photographs were three times more likely to sell quickly than those without professional photographs.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that more true than in real estate.  So, make sure that your farm or ranch listing not only has pictures, but that those pictures tell a story that will have prospective buyers lining up to buy your property.

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