Owning or Selling a Plantation Home

Southern Plantation Tarboro Farms

Legacy Farms and Ranches of NC can help you find Plantations in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Call us at 919-749-3177 for more information.

Unlike selling a house, selling a Plantation home is essentially selling a lifestyle. Owning a home and land is the American dream. Legacy Farms and Ranches can enable you to own – or sell – that dream.

Selling Plantation real estate is all about marketing. Many brokers have websites, but they don’t have the ability to get the attention of thousands of searches for “North Carolina” and “Southern plantations for sale” everyday. Most buyers use the Internet to search for homes, and for 90% of them, it’s the first step in the process. Click here to see some Southern Plantation Homes in NC Photos.

Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina can help you with the marketing process.  While a pamphlet can tell you the square footage of the master bedroom and the year the barn was built, can it show how the sunset looks through the bedroom window? Can it show the wind through the trees and the ripples on the pond? Those looking to buy estates aren’t merely interested in the cost; they are interested in the heart and soul of the place.

Plantations for sale in NC

Large plantation home with pool and large lake for sale in Garner North Carolina.

How much more likely is someone to press play on a video than they are to take two or three hours out of their day to take a trip to view a property? By not having a video of your property, you’re losing the 58% of buyers or more who want to see videos when viewing a property online.

Another important market you shouldn’t miss out on: anyone who doesn’t live near your property. When buyers are located far away, a video can be the very thing that triggers them to take the trip. They can even show the video to their family and friends on social media sites to get their input. 71% of consumers say recommendations from friends or family is the single most important factor in their buying choices, especially with large purchases. With the Internet and breath-taking, professional media, your can get the price your estate deserves. Unprofessional photography and videography can be just as damaging as none at all.

Selling a Plantation estate is completely different than selling a house, and to avoid wasting time on unqualified buyers think of Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina, a marketing service that specializes in marketing Southern Plantations Homes in NC and other estates. Click here to see some Southern Plantation Homes in NC Photos.