705 Glosson Road


705 Glosson RoadThe Winters Farm is a perfect example of how custom renovations to older homes can achieve a comfortable modern Southern country living style.  The original farm house built in 1935, was totally renovated to become at first a weekend house, then a permanent home. The home expanded significantly by reclaiming an 1840’s log cabin, making a cozy master bedroom. Custom construction seamlessly joined the two structures together, resulting in a stunning home with completely modern kitchen and large great room, perfect for entertaining. 
This farm acquired an additional 1840’s open dog trot log cabin from Kentucky for a winter fireplace gathering spot for family and friends.  Another old structure, a granary, was 705 Glosson Road renovated into a perfect guest house. There are three additional barns of differing styles and a chicken coop, perfect spaces for all your animals from horses to llamas.  The largest barn one has a center aisle, with two large workrooms, tack room, and six horse stalls.  Sellers also built a beautiful hobbit-style stone house with arched red door and greenhouse attached at back.  
To preserve outdoor spaces, the sellers placed a portion of the acreage in a conservation easement with Triangle Land Conservancy. This was a personally important decision for them, knowing it would keep the land from development and preserving the green space. There is a 2.5-3 acre pond on the property, perfect for canoeing or sitting beside to watch the bountiful wild life of deer, turkey, ducks and geese.
Call for a showing today! $849,500  705 Glosson Road, Siler City

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190 Old Express Road in Louisburg


Only 15 minutes from Downtown Louisburg, this Scenic Farm has IT ALL With 2 Homes, Equipment Barn 50’x80′, 2nd Barn 80’x130′ with Walk In Freezer, Hoop Barn 20’x50′, Pasture Piping and Waterers, High Tensile Fencing, All ready for Animals! Classic Log Home Built in 2015, Large Second Home with Pool (Built in 1975 and Needs Major Renovations)! Property Groomed for Years for Cattle! Perfect Family Compound! Approx 180 Acres Open, 110 in Woods and Buffers.  Call for details! $975,000 190 Old Express Road Louisburg NC 27549
Seller will consider subdividing and sell the land without the homes! 265 acres at $660,000!!

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NC Deer Season 2019

NC Deer Season 2019

NC Deer Season 2019With the first day of North Carolina deer hunting season little more than a month away – in most zones archery season starts on or around September 7 – it pays to be aware of hunting rules and to familiarize yourself with some tips and tactics that will help you get the most out of your 2019 deer hunting experience.

Regulations, Limits & Licenses

Archery season kicks off fall hunting on September 7th for a period of between 3 weeks in the Northeastern and Southeastern zones of the state to 10 weeks or more in the wild western part of North Carolina. Blackpowder and gun hunting seasons follow shortly thereafter, and on one special date, Youth Deer Hunting Day – September 28, in 2019 – individuals under the age of 18 may hunt deer using any legal weapon to do so, although adults 18 and older are only allowed to use the weapon that is legal for the season.

Some of the most basic rules and regulations for deer hunting season are the following:

  • Anyone hunting deer – including those under 18, on Youth Deer Hunting Day – during a firearms season or hunting with archery equipment on a Sunday is obliged to wear bright orange clothing that is visible from any direction.
  • The use of commercially available mineral supplements to feed and attract deer is permitted anywhere in the state with the exception of private game lands, although the placement of any processed foods as bait is specifically forbidden during black bear season.
  • Although there is no daily bag limit, the season and possession limit is six deer. The limit includes two antlered and two antlerless animals; additional antlerless deer are sometimes allowed during archery season.
  • Hunting licenses are sold to the public through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission which will regulate when and where hunting activities might take place. A license may ONLY be purchased if a hunter is able to provide a hunter’s education certificate of competency, a NC hunting heritage apprentice permit, or an NC hunting license obtained prior to July of 2013.

Exceptions to these rules include –

  • Youth under the age of 16 who are accompanied by a properly licensed adult;
  • A landowner who hunts primarily for the purposes of cultivation;
  • A state resident who is a member of the Armed Forces serving outside of North Carolina, or who is on military duty outside the state but who is on leave inside the state for 30 days or less.
  • Certain deer hunting zones allow the use of hunting dogs, and some do not. Generally speaking, zones in the Eastern part of the state allow the use of dogs, and zones in the West prohibit their use.

Game Lands Regulations

North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission oversees over 2,000,000 acres of both public and private lands in our state for the purpose of hunting, trapping and inland fishing. In addition to a standard hunting license, a permit is required through the Commission to hunt, trap, train dogs or participate in field trials (events in which hunting dogs compete with one another) on game lands. Seasonal hunting dates apply to public and private game lands just as they do elsewhere in the state, though motorized vehicles on game lands are only allowed in areas in which they are specifically allowed. Finally, it is against the law to discharge a weapon on public or private game lands from a vehicle or within 150 yards of any residence or official building. Firearms may be carried either openly or concealed, with a valid concealed handgun permit.  

Urban Archery Season

Some municipalities now allow periodic deer hunting in order to reduce deer populations in their cities and towns. Certain public areas within those zones allow for the harvesting of deer of either sex, with seasonal bag and possession limits applying just as they do for the general archery season. Private landowners are under no obligation to allow hunting on their property during Urban Archery Season, but with proper written permission, hunters may utilize private lands.


Optional Gear Specific to Deer Hunting

It’s important to be prepared during the season with the proper equipment, which may include the following.

  • A hunting blind is a structure or cover that conceals the hunter from wildlife. The blind might accommodate one individual or several and is either placed on the ground or is elevated. NC Deer Season 2019
  • A tree stand, or deer stand, is a platform used by a hunter to raise him or her off the ground in order to provide a better view of the surrounding area.
  • Thermal clothing that is made of a quiet, camouflage-type material and is typically full of pockets and compartments is commonly used, especially during the cooler months of hunting season.
  • A handheld GPS unit is useful both in tracking deer and providing the hunter with an added level of safety in being able to backtrack out of an area in case of an emergency.

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Pulley Town Road Horse Farm for Sale

Wake Forest Equestrian Property


PRICE REDUCTION!! 67+/- Acres of Beautiful Rolling Pastures with Scenic Views Throughout! Private Gated Entry with Lots of Road Frontage! Perfect for Families and a Boarding Operation! 4 Bedroom Home Overlooks the Scenic Pond. Enjoy 2 Barns with 18 + Stalls, Barn Office, 1 Bedroom Apartment Over Barn, 20,000 Sq. ft. Covered Arena, Stand Alone 2 Bay Garage-Storage Building, 4000 Sq. Ft. 5 Bay Garage-Shop-Storage & Kennels and More! Just minutes from Rolesville and Bypass!
The large Brown Barn has drive through access with 11 stalls  with Nelson Waterers and Feeders, Heated Wash Down Bay, Noritz Hot Water Heater, and 3 zone heating and cooling system for the whole barn. Washer-Dryer connections and sink and pre-wired for cameras and media.
6421 Pulley Town Road Wake Forest NC 27587

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Enjoying the Sport of Fly Fishing in North Carolina

Enjoying the Sport of Fly Fishing in North CarolinaEnjoying the Sport of Fly Fishing in North Carolina

For a peaceful afternoon outdoors, it’s hard to beat a fly fishing outing on the gently flowing waters of a mountain stream or along the tranquil shores of a North Carolina lake or pond. Avid fishermen and newcomers alike are drawn to this pastime that not only offers a calming, almost meditative approach to catching fish, but affords an opportunity to enjoy fishing in its most basic form.

The Fly Fishing Experience

What primarily differentiates fly fishing from traditional fishing is the lightweight lure, called a fly, that is used to attract and catch fish. The fly is cast into the water using a rod and reed that are unique to the sport, and a technique for casting that requires plenty of patience and, for some, a great deal of practice. The lightweight fly is carried on a line that is heavier than traditional fishing line: a quality that helps the line travel through the air in much the same motion as the flow of a whip. This motion of casting with the heavier line forms a sort of trademark loop, which should unroll completely before the fly at the end eventually touches the surface of the water.

Fly fishing in a lake is unique in that there is no flow of water; fish tend to hide in the depths of the water during the daytime, which makes day fishing in a lake more of a challenge than in a stream. Lake fishing is most Enjoying the Sport of Fly Fishing in North Carolina 2typically done at dusk or well into the nighttime, even, when fish tend to come to the surface to forage for food and often rely on moonlight to light up insects floating or swimming on the surface.

All that is required, really, in the way of fly fishing equipment is A) a fly fishing rod, B) fly fishing reel, and, most critically, C) the flies themselves,

  • Fly fishing rods are lightweight, flexible and durable. They are classified by a weight system ranging from 0-3 weight rods, for the very smallest fish, all the way up to 11 weight or larger, used for catching the largest fish in saltwater or in lakes. The choice of a rod weight depends not only on the type of fish you are fishing, but the body of water being fished, the type of fly used, and weather at the time of fishing. The length of a rod generally runs between 6’ and 15’, with most falling within the 8-9’ range.
  • The type of reel used is important in that the reel is responsible for allowing the line and lure to fly as weightlessly and far out into the body of water you’re fishing as possible. Fly line weight and rod weight both need to match the weight of the fly reel so that a reel won’t fail when a heavy fish is caught… and then lost due to the reel’s incapacity to handle the heavier line.
  • Ask any two fly fishermen to show you their favorite, most productive flies and you are likely to be shown two that are very different from one another. The best fly for a certain geographical zone will match the aquatic insect life of that area – the bugs (from larvae stage to adult), worms and minute fish that trout and other fish like to eat. Generally-speaking, there are a variety of flies designed to represent these different types of insects in various environments. What is called a dry fly, for instance, mimics an adult insect that has broken the surface of the water. A streamer appears as a leech, crayfish or other small fish, which are critical food sources for many fish. Saltwater flies represent shrimp, crab or baitfish, and nymphs are designed to imitate young insects – larvae – that live in the water.

Enjoying the Sport of Fly Fishing in North CarolinaOther equipment that might be necessary but not critical for your fly fishing excursion are a net, fly fishing vest for all your gear, good sunglasses, and waders, which will allow you to get as far out into the water as necessary and still stay dry.

Where to Enjoy the Best Fly Fishing in North Carolina

The Blue Ridge, Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina are your best bet for the most productive trout fishing steams. The three main varieties of trout – book, rainbow and brown trout – are all available to fish in over 3,000 miles of these scenic western waters. The renowned North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail encompasses a total of 15 spots that are known to provide the best of the best trout fishing resources in the Smokies, including Whitewater River, Scott Creek, and the Davidson River.

Bountiful fly fishing lake locations include Jordan Lake, just west of Raleigh; beautiful Lake James, between Burke and McDowell Counties; and Lake Chatuge, on the North Carolina/ Georgia border.

Saltwater fly fishing for tarpon, striped bass, redfish or sailfish along coastal waters is generally done from the deck of a boat that is specially designed to provide stability, plenty of storage for rods, and room for casting. Ocracoke Island and the Outer Banks are prime North Carolina saltwater fishing grounds.

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The Historic Blue Ridge Parkway

NC Blue Ridge ParkwayThe Historic Blue Ridge Parkway

Early in 1933, at the peak of our nation’s Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt realized that construction of a scenic route linking two new national parks – the Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks – would not only attract tourists to a part of the country that had previously been all but inaccessible, but would also provide much-needed jobs at a time when poverty in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina was severely affecting rural populations there. Roosevelt approved the concept of the new motorway, and two years later the magnificent new Blue Ridge Parkway was under construction.

Visiting the Parkway

Today, millions of visitors annually drive along the scenic roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway – more visitors, in fact, than view the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone parks combined. Stretching from the northern tip of the roadway in Front Royal, Virginia all the way down to Cherokee, North Carolina to the south, it is considered by many to be the most beautiful stretch of roadway in the U.S., renowned for stunning vistas, outstanding hiking trails, and peaceful outlooks along 469 miles of picturesque roadway.

The enormity of the 52-year project is evident form the sheer number of both natural and man-made features along its spectacular route:

  • The nation’s highest peak east of the Mississippi River and highest in the Appalachians: Mitchell, at almost 6,700 feet.
  • 26 tunnels, almost all in North Carolina
  • The deepest gorge east of the Mississippi: Linville Gorge, comprising almost 12,000 acres around the Linville River
  • America’s largest house in America: the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, NC
  • Over 250 scenic overlooks, offering breathtaking views and opportunities for hikes and picnics.

Blue Ridge Highlights

Marked by milepost stops along the way, dozens of the Parkway’s scenic viewpoints offer unique and interesting places to explore and things to do.

Grandfather Mountain. Near Linville, North Carolina, Grandfather Mountain features a nature museum, daily educational programs, walking and hiking opportunities and the famous Mile High Swinging Bridge: the NC Blue Ridge Parkwaynation’s highest suspension footbridge.

Chimney Rock, at Chimney Rock State Park. Hiking trails or a thrilling elevator ride to the top of the Rock provide spectacular mountain views. This family-friendly park includes the Animal Discovery Den, Great Woodland Adventure Trail for kids, musical entertainment, especially during the warm summer months, and rock climbing and rappelling for all ages and skill levels.

Mast General Store at Valle Crucis. A visit to the famed, original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis is like taking a step back to a time when a local general store provided crucial supplies, a place for farmers and craftspeople to trade their items, and a social hub to local rural communities.

Cherokee, NC. Located in the center of the western portion of the state, Cherokee is a sovereign native American nation and one of the best jumping off points for exploring Appalachia and the Great Smokies.

Sliding Rock. Located close to Brevard and Asheville the Pisgah National Forest, the legendary natural water slide called Sliding Rock entertains thousands of visitors each year with opportunities to ride the water down the 60-foot sloping boulder into an 8-foot pool at the foot.

Folk Art Center. Asheville’s Folk Art Center is in fact a museum, store and visitors’ center displaying ongoing exhibitions of Appalachian arts and crafts and offering educational events, craft demonstrations and unique shopping opportunities.

Linville Falls. The spectacular 3-tiered waterfall is accessed via one of two scenic hiking routes, one of which is markedly more strenuous than the other. Plunging into Linville Gorge, the spectacular Falls are visible from multiple surrounding overlooks. 

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Granville County Land for Sale

125+/- Acres Approximately 1/8 Mile from Wake County Line!

Granville County Land for Sale

Granville County Land for Sale on Bruce Garner Road

GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! 125+/- Acres Approximately 1/8 Mile from the Wake County Line. This Tract Has Paved Road Frontage and is Located in Popular Southern Granville County. Good Internal Road System, Income from a Mobile Home Park and Crop Lease Provide Additional Options.

Ride Horses, ATV or Hike While You Enjoy the Peace and Quiet Less than 20 Minutes from North Raleigh. Look for more photos and video soon! $19,500 per acre!

Granville County Land for Sale Near Wake County Line!

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5112 Durham Hwy

5112 Durham Highway

Beautiful and Scenic Land on Highway 98 close to Shopping and Both Raleigh-Durham and Wake Forest!

Rolling Topography with High Ridges, Valleys, Creeks and Mature Timber of both Hard Woods and Pine make this a Special Tract! This Property Backs to the Falls Lake Corps Area and Offers A Stunning Natural Setting for A Country Estate. $1,225,000
Call for details on soils.

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256 Old Express Road

Unique Family Estate on 115 Acres in Franklin County!

256 Old Express Road in Louisburg, North Carolina $895,000

Private yet close enough to Raleigh & Durham, this modern Executive Country Estate is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle property offering the best in luxury living and recreational opportunities.

256 Old Express Road Louisburg NCStarting off, this Beautiful Home was created By Award Winning Designer Stephen Fuller at Design Traditions Atlanta. This Home overlooks most of the entire 115 acres, pool, driving range, motocross track, pastures, equestrian facilities, and abundant wildlife.

Coming in the home, you are dazzled with the open floor plan and surround views of the property. Many updates and improvements have been done over the years, including the kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless appliances, custom bar area and more!

The spacious dining room is elegant, with coffered ceilings and recessed lights, and is adjacent to the home office area. A nice breakfast nook too, and All spaces open to the amazing Great Room, with towering stone fireplace and custom built-in shelves. Enjoy easy access to the upper back decks and screened in porch that overlooks the pool and grounds.

The first floor master bedroom is spacious and offers a private door to the back deck. And the extra large master bath has custom tile, double vanities with granite, stand-up enclosed glass shower and master closet. 256 Old Express Road

There is a half bath on the first floor and moving upstairs, there are 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 that share a Jack & Jill bath and other with separate full bath.

The Daylight Walk out Basement comes complete with game room and pool table, kitchenette, large family room with stone fireplace, extra room with and full bath, and exercise room! The Stand-By Generator keeps you going, even if the power goes down! Internet is provided by HughesNet Generation 5.

Moving outside, the grounds are immaculately maintained and offer incredible views of the rolling hills topography, and pool! The outdoor space and pool areas are setup for easy entertaining with outdoor kitchen, custom bar with granite countertops, stone accents, and Underdeck Oasis Ceiling System that keeps you and the equipment Dry! You and your family will enjoy jumping into your refreshing pool -and Walk – don’t run! – barefoot by your refreshing pool – it’s got a “Cool Deck” coating for keeping feet comfy in the sun. With plenty of room for entertaining, it’s the perfect summer scene.

For the golf enthusiast, enjoy your Outdoor Driving Range – with marked yardage up to 325 Yards!

256 Old Express Road BarnFor the equestrian lover, the Approximately 70 X 36 foot Morton Building Horse Barn has 4 stalls, tack room, wash stall, hot and cold water, bathroom with washer-dryer hookup, custom workbenches, concrete flooring and more!

Approximately 10 Acres are fenced for Horses and other livestock, and this farm also offers a nice Riding arena.

For the motocross lover and whole family, enjoy this well-maintained Motocross track with rhythm sections, double, tabletops, about 20 Jumps overall, and a fun track that’s over a mile long.

Alleyways allow for easy access to all pastures and areas of the Estate, and there are Miles of functional and decorative split rail fencing. Enjoy the beautiful wooded areas perfect  256 Old Express Road Fencingfor horseback riding or walks. Approximately 60 Acres are fenced-and-crossed-fenced for cattle, with Water in all pastures, currently being cut for hay. Sandy Creek runs the width of the property, so bring your fishing poles!

Wildlife? You bet! Enjoy the varied wildlife from the expansive deck or inside from the breakfast nook, from Great Blue Herons, Geese, Deer, Turkey, Red Tail Hawks and even the occasional eagle, lots of songbirds and hummingbirds

The farm is currently the proud home to …

2 Geese, 2 Donkeys (Scooby and Elvis), 1 Alpaca (Dude), 1 Peahen, 5 goats, 1 Longhorn Steer (Charger), 1 Mini Brahma Steer (Babe), 1 Cow (Lazarus), 3 Crazy Emus (Moe-Larry-Curly), 1 Mini Pot-Belly Pig (Lumpy), 3 Mini Horses (Festus, Tess and Lamont), Retired Champion Barrel Horse (Cheyenne) along with 6 other horses Amigo, Ruby, Teaser, Tango, Charlie Brown, and Mia), Spoiled Rotten Jack Russel (Ellie Mae), Rescued Cutest Ugly Mutt Ever (Foreman), Rescued Nearly Blind and Deaf Sweet Old Man Beagle (Snoopy), Rescued Sweet as Honey Walker Hound Hunting Dog (Honey)

Inquire about the additional acreage and home available next door! Don’t miss this opportunity to own this Peaceful and quiet private oasis a half mile off the main road, but close enough to Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham and RDU Airport! 256 Old Express Road in Louisburg, North Carolina $949,000.

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Carolina Coastal Fishing

Carolina Coastal Fishing Jennetts PierJennette’s Pier, Nags Head, NC

The North Carolina coastline, stretching further out into the Atlantic Ocean than any other point of land north of central Florida, is a hot spot of recreational water activities, including, of course, boating, surfing and world-renowned saltwater fishing. The 200-mile long stretch of barrier islands known as the Outer Banks as well as areas to the south of the OBX provide some of the richest fishing waters in the world.

East Coast Currents, Gulf Stream Waters

Marlin Fishing in NC!

Marlin Fishing in NC!

The Outer Banks, separating mainland North Carolina – Pamlico Sound, Currituck Sound and Albemarle Sound – from the Atlantic Ocean, is home to warm sandy beaches and town upon town of picture-perfect oceanside communities, each with its own unique personality. Fishing excursions typically depart out of Hatteras, Manteo and the Oregon Inlet, whereas those to the south of the Outer Banks and Ocracoke island most often use Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach as their home bases. Though communities like Nags Head, Rodanthe, Surf City and Oak Island also offer pier fishing, saltwater fishing enthusiasts often opt to explore further out in the offshore Gulf Stream waters for an active day of sportfishing.

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Flounder Fishing in NC!

Flounder Fishing in NC!

An area of choppy waters off the Carolina coast referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic is the result of warm waters from the south – the Gulf Stream – meeting the frigid waters of the Labrador Current, flowing down along the Eastern seaboard out of the Arctic. Multiple shipwrecks line the coast her, victims of the hazardous conditions caused by the meeting of these two powerful currents. As rough as this part of the ocean can be, however, these nutrient-rich waters where the two currents collide, combined with a phenomenon in the area of constantly shifting shoals, or submerged ridges, mean that fish in these waters are abundant. As shoals shift, they create areas of deep and shallow water where smaller fish tend to congregate, and larger, game fish come to feed. The Outer Banks’ Diamond Shoals create a haven for fish, and a prime fishing location for avid fishermen.

Saltwater Species

North Carolina anglers are fortunate in that the fertile waters offshore provide an abundance of fish almost unparalleled up and down the East Coast. Fishing opportunities depend on a variety of conditions, including location, depth of water and tidal movements as well as preferred fishing methods: trolling, reef fishing, bottom fishing, and drifting.

Some of the most common saltwater game species are these.

  • Flounder, Cobia, Black Drum, Trout, Bluefish and Sea Bass are all found in nearshore coastal reefs.
  • More treacherous offshore reefs, ideal for more experienced anglers, are home to Barracuda, Amberjack, Snapper, Hogfish, Mackerel and Grouper.
  • Trolling for larger game fish such as Tuna, Billfish, King Mackerel, and even Sailfish, Marlin and Swordfish requires one or more fishing lines, and heavier rods and reels from a boat traveling through and across offshore reefs of the Outer Banks.
  • Bottom fishing and drift fishing are ideal for catching lower dwelling fish such as Flounder, Porgy, Snapper and Triggerfish.

Tuna Fishing in NC!                                                                          

Saltwater Fishing Rules & Regulations

Many are unaware that in North Carolina, a Coastal Recreational Fishing License is required that stipulates limits to the number of certain species of fish caught each day as well as minimum weights and sizes. The size and number of shellfish and crustaceans, too, such as Blue Crabs, Oysters, Spiny Lobsters, Scallops and Shrimp are also regulated, while other species of fish – primarily those that are endangered or threatened – are prohibited altogether.

For more information on how, where and when to obtain a NC fishing license, visit the NC Department of Environmental Qualit, hee: http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/recreational-fishing-size-and-bag-limits

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