Why Choose Legacy Farms and Ranches?

1.  Customized services and packages
Our unique approach provides you the opportunity to customize how we market your property using the most current technology and visual presentation pieces.  Leveraging the power of video and web technologies, we provide a custom solution for marketing your land, ranch or property for the highest rate of return in the market.  Not looking for a sale, but improvement instead?  We bring highly qualified consultants for estate planning, conservation easements, lake and water consulting, together with our professional marketing services for your real-estate-based business.  Legacy Farms and Ranches LLC has been helping land-centered businesses reach more-profitable clients for themselves over the last five years.

2.  Cohesive, focused plan
Legacy Farms and Ranches LLC creates a plan for you that includes masterfully designed web sites, video productions, photography, property profiles, print pieces, trade show presence support, and email communications to present your land in a professional and visually consistent way.  Because we realize that selling your property or your land-based business services will mutually benefit us, we invest in our working relationship with you to ensure you have a thorough plan that works.  Put us to work for you today.

3.  New-Media specialists
Gardner Reynolds, Owner and Executive Producer, has more than 25 years of professional marketing and video production experience.  From the TV series “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to sets of game shows such as “Jeopardy!” and “Let’s Make a Deal” in Los Angeles, to Osceola Recording Studio and Barton Creek Creative in Raleigh, Reynolds has been behind and in front of the camera.   As Creative Director and manager for web sites and land marketing materials, all graphic elements, videos and audio productions are expertly crafted and optimized for online viewing and for web SEO.  As a musician and writer, we can produce custom music selections and can provide soundscapes for your projects which are truly unique for you. As web technology advances to mobile technology, Reynolds also continuously advances your web and video optimization to provide a unique experience for potential real estate or service buyers.  The result is a larger pool of more attentive and informed potential buyers, saving you time and money.

4.  Heart and passion for the out-of-doors
At the heart of Legacy Farms and Ranches of NC, LLC is our passion for preserving and enhancing the quality and usage of land assets for our clients.  Because he is an avid outdoorsman, wingshooter, fisherman and white tail hunter, Reynolds can clearly understand your desire to realize the full potential of your land assets.  Whether this means selling your properties, planning improvements to them, or simply marketing your land-based business, Legacy Farms and Ranches of NC, LLC shares your passion.

5.  Personal service
Working with a small, local business means you receive personal service.  We are responsive to you and make sure your questions are answered quickly and professionally.  We treat you like we’d want to be treated, and not like “just a number.”

6.  National/international exposure
Because we extensively network with property buyers and real estate brokers, we often make connections beyond the borders of the United States.  And, because your properties are marketed via the web, a potential buyer can virtually tour your property before ever even contacting you, no matter where they are.

7.  Local representation
Legacy Farms and Ranches of NC, LLC is locally owned, locally invested, and locally operated.  We’re based in NC, we’re from NC, and we love NC.  Because we have roots here, we share your pride in the history and beauty of the area.  Trust Legacy Farms and Ranches of NC, LLC with your property and business marketing needs.