What to do with the Family farm?

LFRNC-Farmer13Many of us are faced with decisions about “What to do with the Family Farm.” Perhaps a death in the family or an inheritance has led to ponder this question. Most of us who grew up in North Carolina have witnessed many changes in our rural climate over the years including our population growth, a decline in certain crops harvested, increases in recreational farms, and the list goes on and on. One thing is for certain, the emotions and the decisions about what to do with the Family Farm can take their toll on families.

Our staff at Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina understood there was a need in our community to have resources that might help guide landowners with these decisions. Our network of industry professionals speak at our seminars on Land Investments vs. the Stock Market, Forestry Issues, Buying and Selling Land, Pond and Wildlife Management, Timber Deeds, Easements, 1031 Exchanges, Family Business Matters, Applying for Land Loans and much more.

Of course if the decision to sell is your option, we certainly hope you will find our marketing and brokerage platform exciting. Call us to evaluate your family property needs and feel free to share our website with friends and family. Our farm heritage and ownership is part of who we are so we know what’s involved and the impact of these decisions.